The best shirt to keep everything you need right in your front pocket

   As a cattle rancher I know the importance of carrying your belongings throughout the working day. We all have that stuff we need whether it be a phone, notepad and pen, glasses, or whatever. After losing my phone while horseback I decided it was time to design a shirt with large and secure pockets. Each shirt has 2 extra secure zippered pockets, and 2 quick access pearl snap pockets. 

   I also desired the breathable and sweat wicking properties of the fishing shirt. This keeps us cool on those blazing summer days. As I age and my hands ache more it seemed ideal to include large pearl snaps. No more fiddling with traditional flat buttons. More than once I have tangled a shirt button in net wrap while feeding hay. Not so with the pearl snap.

   As you can see this shirt design was based off of my everyday experiences. I believe the Old Bull Ranch Shirt is the perfect shirt for the rancher, and I hope you will agree.